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Anonymous Angel

Alicia Jie Hye Lee

Genre : International Humanitarian Fiction  



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Began to write in January 2020

Fiction Finalized in March 21st 2022



In the rural area of Bandet, there was a village named Lihaln. The village was consisted of about 748 people. And in the village, there lived a little girl named Anyi. Lihaln is one of the poorest area of Bandet. The people survived by engaging in agriculture. Water could only be found at the little pond located in a remote area surrounded by bushes and trees by walking 12 miles from the village, which takes appromixately 2 hours. Anyi is an 11-year-old girl. She is a very active and a caring girl. Anyi has a lot of friends. Anyi has a large family as well. Anyi has 6 siblings including herself. Her parents are farmers. However, because Lihaln is a tropical country, the weather is hot and humid and when the dry season hits due to the low rainfall the weather becomes very dry at least 7 months. 

In the village, there was a small school named Bandet School, which had 12 teachers teaching daily nearly every child and teenager in the village of Lihaln except on weekends. They taught their native language Bandetnese, English, Math and Science. Limited class rooms yet still nearly every kid and children attended school whether they lived near or far away. Anyi attended school and loved to learn English, Art and Science as well. Through the limited number of science books the school had, what interested Anyi the most was the computers and the little computers called cell phones along with space, stars, galaxy, universe and beyond. Anyi loved her family and friends, enjoyed walking near the fields with them whenever she had time feeling the nature, and helping with house chores with her siblings to help her parents who were always at the field or markets to provide food and clothes for their children. 


Early one morning, while Anyi was walking along the field and forest to get water by herself as usual, she heard a groaning sound from far away. Thinking it could be a wild animal roaming around the area, which is quiet usual in Bandet, Anyi quieted her footstep and slowly kept on walking. However, the more she walked the more she could gradually and clearly hear the groaning-like-sound. Trying to ignore the sound by keep on walking, Anyi suddenly heard a coughing noise. She instantly stopped. This is no animal. This is a human she thought. Her heart started to beat in nervousness and in fear. She looked around and tried to follow where the sound was coming from. Who could it be. Because Anyi knew that her village people knew this area is not a safe place to be because of wild animals and uninvited trespassers, it seemed odd and astonishing for Anyi to hear a human-made sound, especially this early in the morning. Anyi, now, instead of walking toward the normal path where she usually gets the water, held her breath and slowly walked into the deep forest passing the thick bushes and trees, trying to locate where the sound was coming from. She walked and walked. The sound of the groaning became clearer little by little as she walked forward, step by step, one footstep after another. And then again she heard another coughing sound, this time really loud, which now she knew it was coming from behind a big tree she was facing. Anyi slowly walked and walked toward and passed by the tree. Anyi gasped. A man was lying in pain on the ground surrounded by mud, holding his chest as if he was having a hard time breathing. Anyi stood thunderstruck. Anyi tried to stay calm. Anyi tried to think what she needed to do. She looked at the man. He was not a village person. No he wasn't. He was a trespasser. A trespasser who was severely dehydrated. Anyi could tell the man was dehydrated because he was sweating a lot, there was a mark he has vomited for some time and his mouth was extremely dry. He needs water. Water. Anyi looked at the huge jar she brought. That is when she remembered she was on her way to collect water for the day. She looked at her jar and the man. The jar and the man. At where she was, it will take at least an hour to reach the little pond she thought. Yet wait. This person is a trespasser. I don't know who this man is. He might be someone that could do harm. Nobody knows. 'If you ever see a trespasser, pass and go your way.' Anyi remembered what her grandfather told her when she was a little child Anyi decided to turn back and go her way. She hurriedly started to walk and passed the tree, when she abruptly heard a coughing sound with a little voice, "excuse me . . ". Anyi stopped and trembled at the same time. She felt goosebumps all over her body. She quickly turned around and looked at the man. Anyi saw the very eyes of the man were half opened still coughing. "Excuse me . . " the man mumbled desperately once again looking toward Anyi. Anyi looked at the man. Anyi looked at the eyes of the man again. Anyi saw tears. Anyi saw tears rolling down from his eyes. He could hardly speak. He could hardly breathe. But Anyi felt how much the man wanted to breathe. How much he desperately wanted to breathe as he did before. Anyi could feel the agony the man was going through because Anyi when she was a little child had a dreadful experience of dehydration when her village suffered. It was the worst experience Anyi ever had to go through and an experience she never wanted to go through again in her life. Suddenly, Anyi saw the man pointing at something in her direction with his finger his arm still lying on the ground. Her eyes followed the direction where the man was pointing at. It was the jar Anyi was holding. The man was pointing at the jar asking for water. Anyi looked at the jar. At the jar. And then looked at the man. The man was desperately asking for water, groaning and coughing, tears in his eyes with a feeble smile on his face. Anyi was downhearted. She looked at the man and slowly held the jar upside down with her both hands trying to tell the man there was no water in her jar at the moment. Anyi heard the man making a heavy sigh along with the endless groaning and coughing. Anyi put her jar down and looked at the man. Anyi saw the man giving a weak nod as if he understood and gave another feeble smile to Anyi and closed his eyes tears rolling down, still groaning and coughing on and on, which got louder and louder second by second. Anyi felt sad. Anyi deeply wished she had water to let the man breathe easily yet she did not. Anyi looked at the man, still groaning and coughing endlessly with his eyes closed, which is gonna end sooner or later, Anyi thought, if he doesn't get any water. Anyi suddenly turned back and started to run with her jar. She ran. Anyi ran to get water. She ran to get water for the man. Not for the man she did not know who was a trespasser but for the man who was a same human being like she is who just wanted to breathe and live. 





How long did Anyi ran and caught her breath ran and caught her breath over and over again. Anyi, with her huge jar in her both arms, finally saw the little glimmering pond before her, getting bigger and bigger as she now walked toward it, gasping for breath at her max. There is no time to lose Anyi cried out in her breath. No time to lose. As soon as Anyi reached the little pond, she leaned over the pond and started to pour the water inside her jar as fast as she can. It was the same old little pond and same old water pouring into the jar however at this very time it felt different. It felt like Anyi found a golden treasure over the rainbow. A treasure that might save a life of the man. The life of a man that was totally depended on her. No time to lose. Got no time to lose. And finally. The jar was full, Anyi stood up, held her jar in her arms, and started to run again. No time to lose. Run. Anyi tried to run as fast as her little body and limited strength could hold. Too heavy. Never had Anyi attempt to run after she filled her huge jar with full water. Yet she had to. A life of a man is depended on her. Yet the jar was too heavy. Anyi wanted to run yet the jar was too heavy. Anyi, heaving and wheezing, slowed down her pace and started to walk, sweat and tears rolling down her cheek. What if the man thought I left him giving up hope. What if the man already passed away. What if. What if. No. Let's calm down and not dwell on about the negatives. Just walk. Keep on walking. Then you will be there. You will be there Anyi. Don't stop. Keep on walking thought Anyi to herself. Just keep on walking Anyi. Walk on Walk.

How much time has passed. Now, Anyi, too exhausted to even dwell on what was going on, to her amaze, suddenly started to hear the groaning and coughing sound of the man, which got louder and louder as she stepped forward and forward. He is still alive Anyi shouted to herself. Radiant with joy, Anyi started to run. Almost tripped. But ran and ran as much as her little body could hold. Anyi saw the big tree, ran toward the tree, and passed the tree. And there she saw the man still groaning and coughing heavily at the same spot where she found him. I am back Anyi said to herself with a tired smile with relief. Anyi slowly approached the man. And when she thought she was too close to the man, she put her jar down. She put her jar down hard making a loud noise giving a little splash of the water to get attention from the man. It worked. The man a little startled looked toward Anyi toward the sound. And as soon as Anyi felt she is having an eye contact with the man, she pointed at the jar, and gave a little push of the jar to let the water splash one more time before his eyes. The man, gradually understanding the situation, slowly gave a weak smile to Anyi. It was a weak smile yet to Anyi it felt like the happiest smile on earth. The man instinctively started to move his body heavily toward the jar. Anyi instinctively moved the jar briskly with all her last might toward the man. And there she saw the man grasping the jar steadily gulping down the water. The water from the jar to the man was to Give Life . . Revive Life . . Encourage Life . . Save Life . . Anyi was thrilled. Never felt this dirty outside with all the sweat and tears yet at the same time this refreshing inside with triumph and joyfulness. Never have I Anyi thought. Anyi looked at the man, who was still gulping down the water. Several minutes passed. The man, as if he thought he had enough water to regain his conscious, at least a little, threw himself back to the ground, still groaning and coughing, yet sounding less dry. He closed his eyes and covered his mouth and gave a strong cough as if he were trying to clear his throat and lessen his groaning and coughing. And abruptly, still weakly lying down, the man looked at Anyi and said his first two words. Thank You. Anyi knew what that meant. Anyi learned the words at her English class at school. And she knew exactly how to respond. You're welcome, Anyi said. The man gave Anyi a weak smile yet a smile that felt different from the last smile he gave. Alive. A smile that felt like everything is going to be alright with this man. Anyi smiled too right back at the man, a smile to the man that she is happy he is feeling better, and a smile to herself that she is happy she followed her heart and kept on walking, didn't stop, didn't give up what then seemed to be too difficult not to stop, not to give up. 


Felt wind. Felt a little chilly. Anyi startled by the strong gust of wind, slowly realized that she passed out at the bottom of the tree. Anyi turned to where the man was lying down. He is there. He is still there lying down, still as a statute. Anyi looked at the sky. The sky was turning light-pink. Dusk. It is going to get dark within a couple of hours. Anyi had to get back home soon. Anyi looked at the man. He didn't look well. He looked very ill. If he stays here for the night, his condition will worsen, Anyi thought. Anyi crouched under the tree, looked at the man. Anyi thought about taking the man to her village, if he could walk. Anyi thought about what her parents and siblings would say. They are not going to like it. Yet, Anyi did not want to leave the man alone without shelter without water. Anyi, now standing up, slowly walked toward the man, still figuring out what she needs to do. The deserted barn. Yes, there is a deserted barn near the village. About two-minute-walk from the village. I could take him there and let him stay there for the night. Anyi bent over the man, and looked at him. I need to wake him up, thought Anyi. Anyi cleared her throat to make a loud noise hoping the man would wake up. It didn't work. Anyi slowly breathed in once again attempting to make a loud noise by clearing her throat. Yet all of a sudden, a high-pitched melody rang. Anyi gasted by the noise, ran behind the tree. What was it. What really was it. Anyi, feeling her heart still sinking, tried to look in the direction where the noise was coming. The noise is coming near from the man, Anyi thought. What is it. Anyi looked at the man. The noise was still there. Anyi looked at the man hoping he would hear the noise. Hoping he is alive. Anyi again slowly walked toward the man. And to her relief, the man started to move. His body began to react to the noise. It seemed like the man was trying to grab or reach out for something. Anyi also tried to find what was making the noise. And all of a sudden, the noise stopped. Anyi quickly looked at the man. The man was holding something. He was holding a little gadget. Anyi stared at the little gadget the man was holding. The man was staring at the little gadget too. A minute passed. The man instantly began to turn his head and tried to find something. At that moment, the man noticed Anyi. He looked at Anyi. Anyi, a little astonished, pointed her finger to the sky, trying to let the man know that it is getting dark, and pointed to the direction of her village and walked slowly toward the direction she was pointing at, trying to tell the man she and the man needs to leave right now. The man, looked at the direction where Anyi was pointing at and, looked at Anyi. The man all at once tiredly painfully tried to lift his body. Anyi ran toward the man and also tried to help the man get up. While the man was trying to arise, Anyi noticed the man was still looking for something. Anyi, still helping the man get up, looked down the ground near where she herself and the man was. Instantly, the man fell to the ground and started to crawl. Anyi, a little bit astonished, looked to the direction where the man was crawling. Anyi saw a backpack. The man abruptly reached out to the backpack, unzipped it and looked inside. After a few seconds looking inside his backpack, the man, looking a bit relieved, zipped and then shouldered his backpack and as much as his body could hold crawled back to where Anyi was. Anyi looked at the man. When the man reached Anyi, and looked up at her, Anyi pointed her feet and walked, to ask if the man could walk. The man looked down and tried to get up. Anyi helped him once again to get him up. The man did stand up yet when he tried to walk, Anyi noticed he started to limp, and dropped back to the ground. Anyi, then suddenly, ran behind the tree. Anyi grabbed a big thick branch below the tree and ran back to the man. Anyi gave the branch to the man. The man, held on to the branch for a while, and in a while, using the branch, with all his might, slowly and cautiously stood up. And the man by leaning on to the branch, although still limping, slowly began to walk. Anyi feeling relieved, began to walk too, grabbing lifting her jar that has a little water in it, looked at the man with a little smile. They walked. They kept on walking. They walked in silence. The rough breathing and painful noise the man was making was the only sound Anyi could hear. Anyi tried to keep about the same pace with the man. How long did they walk. The sky was now light-red. The sun will set soon. The man stopped. Anyi stopped. Anyi looked at the man. The man enunciated loudly twice "rest a little bit . . rest a little bit", and plumped himself on the ground. Anyi put her jar on the ground and sat near the man too. The man looked at the jar. Instantly Anyi stood up and grabbed her jar and dragged it to the man. The man hurriedly took the jar and warily gulped and gulped the water. After drinking enough water to gain strength to walk further, the man looked at Anyi while putting the jar near her. "Thank you". The man looked at Anyi. Anyi looked at the man. Tears in his eyes. The tears that, Anyi knew, filled with gratitude and appreciation. "Thank you". Anyi looked at the man, with a little shyness in her face smiled at the man, and looked down. "What is your name" the man asked. Anyi, looked at the man. "What is your name". "Name . . Name Anyi . . Anyi from
Lihaln . ."  "Anyi . . Anyi . . that is a very beautiful name . . Lihaln is where your home is . . " Looking down again, Anyi smiled. And then Anyi looked at the man, "You name . . you name." Thoughtfully, the man grabbed a little branch and began to write on the ground. Anyi stared at the ground where the man was writing. "There . . read . . try to read it" said the man to Anyi after finish jotting down. Anyi looked at the ground and slowly pronounced what the man wrote. "WahnHuen . . WahnHuen" "Yes that is my name . . You are very good . . " "Thank You . . beautiful name . ."    


Anyi slowly stood up. Anyi pointed at the direction where WahnHuen and Anyi had to keep on walking. WahnHuen noticing it was getting late hurriedly unzipped his backpack once again, looked at what was inside for a little while, and hurriedly zipped it up.  And with all his might tried to stand up again using the branch Anyi gave him and slowly started to walk again. They walked. And walked. The sun slowly faded away. The night got darker and darker. As they were walking, WahnHuen suddenly get to realize he felt colder and colder every step he took, even if he was a wearing a jumper and jeans. He looked at Anyi. Anyi was only wearing a short-sleeve shirt and shorts. “Anyi . .” It seemed Anyi did not hear him. “Anyi . .” This time he called a bit louder. Anyi looked back. “Cold . . it is cold . . are you alright . . ?” Anyi looked at WahnHuen. “Cold . . are you not cold . . ?” Anyi looked at WahnHuen and slowly shook her head, and started walking forward again. How much time has passed. It started to get foggy. WahnHuen suddenly lost sight of Anyi. “Anyi . . Anyi . .” WahnHuen shouted, “Where are you . . Anyi . . Anyi . .” He kept on walking forward while checking the surroundings looking for Anyi. “Anyi . . Anyi . . Where are you . .” And all of a sudden, WahnHuen dimly recognized Anyi standing in front of a deserted barn. “Anyi . . What . . ” Anyi beckoned WahnHuen to come closer where she was standing. WahnHuen slowly walked toward the deserted barn. “What is this place . . ?” Anyi looked at WahnHuen. “Your house . . ? Is this your house . . ?” Anyi shook her head and pointed at the direction where it seemed her house was located. “Is your home far away . . ?” Anyi looked at WahnHuen. “Home . . Far . . ?” Anyi quickly shook her head. “No . . near . .” “I can’t go with you to your home, right . . ?”  Anyi looked at WahnHuen. “Your home . . me . . no . .” WahnHuen said while also using his body language to make Anyi understand what he was talking about. “Tomorrow . .” Anyi said. WahnHuen was finally relieved. “Alright . . then I will stay here . . and you go home . . and I will see you tomorrow . .” Anyi looked at WahnHuen. “I . . here . .”, WahnHuen pointed at the deserted barn next to him, “You . . home . . “ and pointed at the direction where Anyi pointed.  “see . . you . . tomorrow . . ” Anyi nodded and started to walk toward the direction where her house seemed to be located. WahnHuen then suddenly realized Anyi forgot to take her water jar. “Anyi . . your jar . . Anyi . . ” Anyi looked back. “You . . drink . .” said Anyi.  WahnHuen, again touched, replied back . . “Thank You Anyi . . Thank You Very Much . . I really appreciate it . .” “You’re welcome . .” said Anyi and smiled. WahnHuen looked at Anyi until she was out of sight. WahnHuen then started to get inside the deserted barn. WahnHuen pushed the wooden door. It didn’t open. WahnHuen, this time, pushed it harder. Yet pushed it too hard. WahnHuen felt the pain from his wounded left leg. WahnHuen screamed in pain. Fell to the ground and held his leg tight to lessen the pain. WahnHuen was shivering. It was getting colder and colder. “I need to get in . . I need to get in . . ” WahnHuen after checking whether his backpack was still on him, crawled and crawled into the deserted barn still holding on to his wounded left leg. After his whole body was inside the deserted barn WahnHuen, with his right leg, closed the barn door hard to make sure it is shut. WahnHuen still in pain lied down. WahnHuen then suddenly rememberd the jar. The water jar Anyi had left for him to drink was outside the barn. “No . . . .” screamed WahnHuen. WahnHuen frustrated, yet still picked himself up, put his backpack on the barn floor, and started to crawl toward the door. And then instantly WahnHuen aghast. The jar, which was lastly seen outside the barn, was right next to WahnHuen inside the barn. WahnHuen appalled, crawled back. “What . . what . .” WahnHuen was confused. WahnHuen still in his crawling position looked at the jar absent-mindedly. WahnHuen tried to remember whether he was the one who put the jar inside the barn. Confused. WahnHuen tried to remember what happened to him until now. What happened. What.  WahnHuen  became dizzy. Tired. Tired. WahnHuen fainted.


How much time has passed. WahnHuen felt the sun shine through his eyes, feeling a gentle nudge on his leg. WahnHuen tried to open his eyes. The sun was still too bright. And then he heard a voice. “WahnHuen . . WahnHuen . .” Familiar voice. “Anyi . . is that you Anyi . .” WahnHuen finally opened his eyes. It was Anyi. “Anyi . .” Anyi looked at WahnHuen worriedly. “The jar . . your jar . . Anyi . . ” Anyi looked at WahnHuen and then pointed at the jar, which was outside the barn. “No . . no . . yesterday it was inside the barn . . right here . . next to me . . it was . .” Anyi again looked at WahnHuen with concern. Anyi went out the barn and dragged the jar inside the barn where WahnHuen was lying down. WahnHuen slowly sat up still feeling a little dizzy and confused. He grabbed the jar and gulped down the water. After, he put down the jar carefully, he stared at the jar. He stared at it. “WahnHuen . .” called Anyi. WahnHuen looked at Anyi. Anyi then pointed at the direction of her house. WahnHuen, trying to snap out of what happened last night, grabbed his bag and slowly stood up. Anyi, grabbing her jar, started to walk toward the direction of her house. WahnHuen slowly followed her. The weather was still very cold, despite the bright daylight. However, WahnHuen feeling the fresh air felt a little better. The sky was clear and the sun was shining. Anyi looked at WahnHuen. WahnHuen looked back at Anyi and said,  “Beautiful weather . .” Anyi said, “Beautiful weather . .” 


How long they have walked. WahnHuen felt the sun fading away and the air getting colder and colder. WahnHuen felt another fog before him. He looked at Anyi. Anyi holding her jar with only her short-sleeve shirt and shorts was walking slowly beside him looking straight as if she was trying to find her way through the fog. An hour passed. WahnHuen suddenly saw a hut far away. And then he saw another. And another. However, he did not see any people. "What time is it . ." thought WahnHuen. It is still day time. "Why isn't there any people . . " thought WahnHuen. He looked at Anyi. And all of a sudden Anyi stopped. WahnHeun a little startled stopped too. Anyi said "Here . . " and pointed at a hut standing a few feet away from them. "Is this your house . . ?" "Yes" said Anyi. The hut appeared to be made of mud, wood and rocks. WahnHuen got worried. "Where do I have to stay now . . I can't stay there . . " thought WahnHuen. "WahnHuen . . " called out Anyi. WahnHuen looked at Anyi. And there he saw a few people standing in front of the house. Pale people. Too pale. WahnHuen, though concerned, walked toward the people. The people looked at WahnHuen with a little doubt in their eyes. "WahnHuen . . my parents . . sister . . brother"  told Anyi when WahnHuen got close enough to hear her. "Hello . . nice to meet you . . " WahnHuen just blurted out despite knowing the people might not understand English. The people looked at WahnHuen and then looked at Anyi. Anyi looked at her family with a stern face with her eyes filled with anticipation and expectation​. WahnHuen looked at Anyi. Anyi looked at WahnHuen and smiled, beckoned for him to follow. Anyi began to walk forward. WahnHuen felt to be on the horns of a dilemma between the feeling of uneasiness about the way Anyi was behaving ever since she arrived at her village and the thought of Anyi as his life saver. "Anyi saved my life . . she did . . " WahnHuen shaked his head trying to snap out of his tensed dilemmatic feeling and began to follow Anyi. While he walked, still limping his wounded left leg, WahnHuen looked at the village. Hut after hut. And the people inside. WahnHuen noticed, despite the cold temperature surrounding the village, the people were all wearing short-sleeve shirts and shorts like Anyi. And while passing by, WahnHuen get to notice that the people were shocked to see him. They slowly stopped what they were doing, looked at WahnHuen astoundingly, and looked at Anyi. WahnHuen suddenly felt cold. As he walked he felt himself feeling colder and colder, he saw the fog getting thicker and thicker. And all of a sudden, Anyi stopped. WahnHuen with a little panic stopped too. WahnHuen noticed Anyi was looking front. WahnHuen tried to look front through the thick fog where Anyi was looking. And there he gradually saw was a prairie. A deserted endless prairie. WahnHuen tried to step forward to get near the part where the prairie began to get a good look at it. "No" Anyi shouted "No . . " WahnHuen astonished by her words, stopped and looked at Anyi. There WahnHuen unexpectedly saw deep tears gathered in her eyes. "Anyi . . " WahnHuen quietly called out. Yet Anyi without taking her eyes off, quietly dejectedly looked at the deserted prairie without an answer. WahnHuen sensed a deep grief permeating from Anyi. He again looked at the prairie. And all of a sudden a very strong wind blew passed WahnHuen to the point he almost fell down. WahnHuen quickly turned back to avoid the sudden gale. And there, what he saw gave him the chills he has never felt. The entire village people were standing stiff in rows right behind him till the end lamentably looking at the deserted endless prairie without a word. "What . . "  


WahnHuen felt chills in his body and mind. He quickly looked down. "What is this . . what is this . . " WahnHuen kept repeating to himself not knowing what was happening. WahnHuen didn't know whether it was his place to even be here. WahnHuen stayed down as much as he can to avoid himself to be seen from the village people, or can he even be seen, he thought. Absentminded. WahnHuen was too confused. The wind felt too cold and chilly. WahnHuen, laying low, all of a sudden caught a glimpse of a dark chain anklet wrapped to an ankle of one of the village people. It had a dark tag on it. And he saw another chain with a tag. And another chain with a tag. And another. The chain with a tag was on the ankles of every village person. WahnHuen quickly turned to the direction where Anyi was standing. And to his astonishment, Anyi had a chain anklet with a tag on her ankle too. "Why didn't I notice . . " WahnHuen looked at it closer. The chain anklet that Anyi had was a little red heart painted on it. It seemed like Anyi painted it herself. WahnHuen yet  then saw a big scar on her leg right above the chain anklet. It was not just one scar. There was another scar. And another. "What . . " Instantly, WahnHuen heard a sharp scream far away from the prairie. WahnHuen astounded, quickly looked straight ahead to the prairie. And to his surprise, the fog cleared. The wind calmed down. And what he saw was just an endless amazing palatte of prairie along with a long echo of the wind after wind. "WahnHuen . ." WahnHuen looked up. Anyi looked at WahnHuen beckoned him as she slowly started to walk toward the village. WahnHuen looked at her ankle. The chain with a red heart tag was still on her ankle. Her scars too. "Anyi . . " WahnHuen called out while he carefully got up to ease the pain of his still wounded left leg. "Anyi . . " Anyi slowly walked toward WahnHuen and looked at him. "Anyi . . what is this chain and why the scars . . " WahnHuen asked as he pointed her leg. Anyi looked down where WahnHuen was pointing at. Then without a word, Anyi began to walk toward the village with her head still down. "Anyi . . I didn't mean to . . "  WahnHuen, hurriedly got himself up and followed Anyi still limping. "Anyi . . " called out WahnHuen. WahnHuen walked faster, however, he suddenly got too out of breath even to walk, he fell to the ground. WahnHuen wanted to feel better yet felt himself passing out and dimly saw Anyi walk toward him. "Anyi . . " 


WahnHuen suddenly felt a warm water rubbed on his forehead. “Where am I . . where am I and who is there . . ” WahnHuen heard a voice “WahnHeun . . ” “Anyi is that you . . is that you Anyi . ." “Yes . . WahnHuen . . can you see me . . ”  WahnHuen slowly tried to unlid his eyes. What happened to me thought WahnHuen. And while wondering and trying to figure out what happened to himself, there he finally saw Anyi holding a wet cloth looking at WahnHuen worriedly. Anyi asked WahnHuen whether he wanted water. “Yes . . That would be good . . ” Anyi put down her wet cloth on the floor and dashed out.  WahnHuen feelng too tired closed his eyes again. And there he heard a little noise, a noise as if a person was right outside the door near him. WahnHuen hurriedly turned his head toward the direction where the noise was heard. And to his shock there were a large number of people outside the door staring at him.  “What . . Who are you people . .  ” Yet, the people just kept on staring at him. WahnHuen, suddenly felt chills in his body feeling cold again. Wahnhuen alarmed slowly got himself up, while his eyes still focused on the group of people. WahnHuen then looked at the people again. And again. And suddenly felt bad. They were too skinny and pale. Their eyes were pale too and strangely he felt agony and sadness inside them. No harm in there. WahnHuen could feel it.  WahnHuen looked down. However, he could still feel the faded eyes staring at him. WahnHuen began to feel very uncomfortable and nauseous. Felt colder and colder. “Anyi . . where are you . .” 



How many minutes passed. WahnHuen finally heard familiar footsteps. And there she was with a bowl of water and a bowl of porridge. “Here WahnHuen . .” “Anyi . . Thank You . .” WahnHuen, while having a bowl of water with the porridge, WahnHuen noticed the people outside were still watching him. “Anyi . .” WahnHuen called Anyi as he looked toward the people outside. Anyi looked at the direction where WahnHuen was looking at. And at that instance, the people turned their face down. Anyi closed the door. “Anyi what . . who are  . . ” Anyi looked at WahnHuen straight in his eyes. WahnHuen suddenly felt goosebumps and froze. And then Anyi shaked her head and quietly smiled as if she was telling WahnHuen not to worry about the people. WahnHuen slowly looked toward the door again feeling a little bad for the people. He could not get their pale face and body off his mind. WahnHuen, while taking his time to calm helping himself, noticed that Anyi was still holding tight to the jar of water he saw ever since he first saw Anyi. “Anyi . . you like that jar of water . .” Anyi nodded and nodded earnestly vigorously. WahnHuen a little surprised by her hard reaction asked Anyi, “why you always hold on to it . . ” And suddenly WahnHuen noticed the look on her face. It seemed like Anyi was hurt. “What . . what . . ” “Anyi . . apologize . . you don’t have to tell me . . again apologize Anyi . . ”Anyi still with an uncomfortable looking face, slowly started to walk out of the room, her water jar still with her. Anyi walked slowly and turned back and looked at WahnHuen as if she wanted to let him know that she is not mad just uncomfortable with this situation. WahnHuen looked at Anyi. WahnHuen looked at Anyi until she was out of sight. WahnHuen absentmindedly sat there for a while still looking at the empty road where Anyi walked away. After several minutes later, WahnHuen thought where am I . .  where did Anyi said she was from . . what was the name of this village . . what was it . . WahnHuen slowly dragged himself to the corner where his backpack was. He unzipped his backpack.  And looked into it. WahnHuen immediately shouted out “what no how could this be . .”


“No signal . . “ He looked in to his backpack again . . “No . . No . .” He took out a device. It was an lsatPhone, the only device that could help him to get out and have contact with the rest of the world just in case. “What . . No signal . . How in the world could this have no signal . . I had it yesterday . .” said WahnHuen to himself.  “WahnHuen hurriedly put the lsatPhone back into his backpack and slowly stood up, for his left leg still felt stiff. As soon as he brought himself outside of the house, he took out the lsatPhone again and had a good look at it. “God still no signal . .”  WahnHuen said to himself and anxiously put the lsatPhone back into his backpack and started to walk as fast as he could. He walked and walked still limping his left leg toward the barn where he saw the last signal of his lsatPhone. How far did WahnHuen walk. It seemed that he was a little out of the village. He continued to walk and walk as fast as his left leg could hold. And finally WahnHuen shouted, “The barn . . I see the barn . .” Anxiously WahnHuen stopped and hurriedly took out the lsatPhone from his backpack and checked. “Yes . . The signal is back . . ” yelled WahnHuen and breathed a sigh of relief. He droopingly sat down, and then Wahnhuen tried to check his email via his lastPhone. After a few minutes later WahnHuen got connected to his email. “Where are you WahnHuen, answer me . .  Nahilia” WahnHeun looked at his lsatPhone. “What . . ” “Nahilia . . Who . . are . . you . . ” WahnHuen suddenly felt a huge ache in his forehead . . He grabbed his head . . “Ah . . headache . .” The headache became worse and worse . . “Who am . . I who . .  ” “I cannot remember . . ” 



“Why can’t you focus on our relationship, WahnHuen, it is always work work for you, isn’t it about time we get a little serious . . ” said Nahilia to Wahnhuen who was looking into his notetab.  “I  adore you Nahilia yet as I told you I am not in a place to get serious  right  now,  we  went through this . .” “Mr. WahnHuen, your plane is ready to head to Lwat to meet the company president,” the secretary said. “Thank You . . Nahilia I will see you later . .” Nahilia  disappointed  yet  did  not  want to fight with her soon-to-be-fiance WahnHuen said, “alright, call me as soon as you get back home.” “I will . .” WahnHuen blew a kiss to Nahilia.  Nahilia  smiled  and  pretended  she  caught  the  blow of the kiss. WahnHuen while walking toward  the  elevator  in  his  company  building  sees  his  grandfather  in  front  of  the  elevator.  “Grandpa . .”  called   WahnHuen   joyfully  as  he walked toward him. Yet then, all of a sudden,  he  sees  a  little girl  right  next to  where  his grandfather. “What . .” WahnHuen couldn’t see the face for it was too dark where she was.  And  then  suddenly  he  hears  a  loud  chill  scream  and  sees  the  little girl nearly  crashing  into  her  grandfather  as  he  was getting into the elevator. “No grandpa be careful . . ” WahnHuen shouted. People astonished looked at WahnHuen. His grandfather who was surprised as well hurriedly came out of the elevator and walked toward Wahn Huen. “WahnHuen,  are  you  alright, WahnHuen.” “I’m fine I’m fine . . I guess . . grandpa . . there was a little girl right next to you  . . ” “Girl, what girl”  WahnHuen  suddenly felt people  were  looking  at  him  and  realized  nobody saw the girl. Nobody saw the girl . .  said  WahnHuen  to  himself  and  quickly  said,  “Apologize everyone . . I am alright grandpa . . ” “It is alright as long as you are fine, we are a little late hurry.” WahnHuen followed his grandfather still feeling  a  little uncomfortable of  what  he saw,  which  he  believes  he did see. “Your  grandfather  is  an  excellent  person  WahnHuen.  Through  his success  he  helps  the poor and the people in need. The  media  proves  it,”  says  one  reporter  as  she  was  walking  beside  WahnHuen. “ By the way could you tell me briefly about the theme of your business conference this afternoon,” asked the reporter. WahnHuen still feeling uneasy politely said to the reporter,  “I apologize . . I  am  not  feeling  very  well . . I will give detailed information later this afternoon . . through the press conference . .” and then he politely excused himself.

WahnHuen, now in the conference room with his grandfather along with other businessmen | businesswomen and the audience, was giving a presentation about his company business. While WahnHuen was answering a few questions from the audience, WahnHuen suddenly gasped. WahnHuen trembled and stepped back and nearly fell down. “What . .” The little girl he thought he saw right next to her grandfather at his company building early this afternoon was standing right next to his grandfather again. “Grandpa . . look . . grandpa . . what  . . no . . no . .” WahnHuen couldn’t see the face of the girl again for it was too dark where she was, or was it even. WahnHuen felt the girl was looking at his grandfather and then felt her head turn and now was looking at him and getting closer and closer to WahnHuen. “Grandpa . . grandpa . .” And then he heard the chillest far away scream again. WahnHuen fell down to the ground and before he nearly lost his mind, turned his head, and the last vision he faintly saw was a bruised ankle chained with a chain tag with a red heart. WahnHuen slowly passed out. 


WahnHuen faintly heard a voice calling him. “WahnHuen . . are you alright . . WahnHuen . . answer me . .” WahnHuen slowly tried to awake himself. He faintly saw Nahilia. “Nahilia . .” “WahnHuen . . are you alright . . I was worried sick . . what happened to you . .” “I   I don’t know . . the little girl with . . with chain on her  . . red heart in it . .” “What . . little girl . . ” WahnHuen wanted to explain himself of the situation, however, the conversation was interrupted by the sudden appearance of his doctor. “Mr. WahnHuen hello, how are you feeling right now,”  WahnHuen still feeling a little exhausted said,  “quite tired and feel pain in the head . .” “Is he gonna be alright . . ” asked Nahilia.  “He will eventually be. Mr. WhanHuen I seriously recommend you to take a break from your work though. Your immune system is weak and your blood pressure is low as well. You should take a break for a while,” “Yes sir . . Thank you . .” WahnHuen replied politely. After the doctor left, WahnHuen suddenly feeling exhausted wanted to take a nap. “Nahilia would you mind . . I would like to take a nap . . I will call you after I feel a little bit better . . would that be alright . .” “Yes . . of course . . I will be home . . just call me whenever you feel better . .” “I will . .” answered WahnHuen. “WahnHuen . .” called Nahilia. WahnHuen looked at Nahilia. Nahilia blew a kiss to WahnHuen. WahnHuen weakly yet thankfully smiled and pretended he caught the blow of the kiss. After Nahilia left, WahnHuen closed his eyes and thought to himself. The little girl who was she. I definitely saw her. It was no daydream. It was no fantasy. I saw her I definitely did. The girl was right in front of me. Yet nobody seemed to have seen her. How could this be. What is this situation. I just can’t understand. Am I not well. Am I just too tired and delirious. WahnHuen tossed and turned in bed. He tried to clear his mind. Yet the thought of the little girl just got buried itself inside his brain. Just got buried deeper and deeper day after day night after night.

A couple of weeks after the incident, WahnHuen decided to head on a plane trip by himself to clear his mind and breathe the breath of nature. WahnHuen promised Nahilia that he would definitely be back within a week. After sending his regards to the people he care, and finish preparing his trip with his lsatPhone in his backpack, WahnHuen on an early afternoon, got into his plane with excitement. WahnHuen decided to head to the west coast where the beautiful mountain forest and desert coexisted. WahnHuen started his plane. The plane slowly head above and above the sky . . The ride was nice . . This is the reason why I fly said WahnHuen to himself . . The sun the sky and the clouds and me . . That is it . . He looked above the heaven-like sky and the beautiful view of another heaven below on the peaceful field on earth . . And how many hours did he fly. WahnHuen all of a sudden felt a gust of high wind. In a few seconds he felt another gust. “What the . . this is not good . .” WahnHuen said while he checked the airspeed indicator. WahnHuen reprogrammed the flight management computer in haste and advised the air traffic controllers. Then he began to control the aileron and the rudder as well. Yet the wind continued. WahnHuen to deal with the gusty wind, added speed and reduced the flaps. However, unfortunately the wind was seldom on his side. WahnHuen, suddenly, felt his plane losing total balance, his body weightlessly thrown in the air, and felt a deep dive down down toward the earth . . While his head downward . . in a blink of an eye . . harsh wind battered WahnHuen . . his stomache sank high-speed . . felt speed of acceleration . . down down he went . . “Nahilia . .” 


WahnHuen felt a quiet drip of water drop on his forehead. WahnHuen astonished woke up and shouted, “Anyi Anyi . . ” Yet . . Anyi was nowhere to be found.  “Anyi . . was that you . . was that you in the building . . why were you there . .why . . Anyi . . ” WahnHuen still felt pain in the head, yet slowly sat up and took his lsatPhone out of his backpack and tapped on the the map. WahnHuen tried to find the village Anyi wrote when he first met which he remembered as, “Lihaln”. He typed the letter one by one, and pushed the enter button. However, the map indicated there is no such place. “What . . no . . it can’t . . be . . I remember the spelling quite clearly  . . Let’s try it again slowly slowly . . L . . I . . H . . A . . L . . N . .” and he pushed the enter button again. Yet again no sign of the place.  “What . . this cannot be . . ” WahnHuen started to feel uneasy and confused. With a sigh WahnHuen looked at the sky for a while. How many minutes passed. WahnHuen then looked at his phone. And after a little while he looked toward the direction where the Lihaln village was. WahnHuen looked at the village for a while. WahnHuen then looked back at his phone and tapped his email. “Dear Nahilia . . I am good and well here . . I apologize I have not sent you my response a little earlier . . the signal was not good here . . I will get back to you as soon as I am ready to depart . . till then you take good care  . . and Nahilia . . Love you . . Always had . . and . . Always will . .” wrote WahnHhuen, and said to himself  “No matter what happens . .” and pressed send. WahnHuen felt tears fill in his eyes. WahnHuen hurriedly tried to hold back his tears and gave a one last good look at his phone. And then WahnHuen put his phone in his backpack and slowly stood up. WahnHuen then started to walk back toward the village. He walked and walked. And as he walked, he thought, “Anyi . . seriously . . who are you Anyi . . why did you appear in my building . . what did you want to tell me Anyi . . Anyi . .” WahnHuen kept on walking and walking. How long did he walk. WahnHuen feeling that he was nearly close to the village, all of a sudden heard a loud chill scream. WahnHuen abruptly covered his both ears. The scream . . I heard this chill scream before said WahnHuen to himself . . the scream . . I heard this chill scream when I saw the little girl in the company building . . Anyi . . WahnHuen began to walk faster and faster . . and as he was getting close to the village WahnHuen felt his body getting colder and colder . . and as the scream was getting louder and louder . . WahnHuen felt his heart beating harder and harder . . WahnHuen all of a sudden ran into a tall bush and nearly tripped. WahnHuen trying to keep his balance, now heard the chill screams everywhere. WahnHuen bewildered and petrified all at once tried to pull himself together tried to calm down, and tensely slowly looked beyond the bush where the screams rang through the village. And what WahnHuen saw nearly made him scream his heart out. The people from the village were tied up with ropes ankles chained and were forced to be loaded on a huge truck by large men with rifles. And close to where the large men were, there were huge trucks aligned side by side, and on each truck was written faintly visible words that read, “investigational drug” . . “What . . is . . happening . . what . . ” stammered WahnHuen . . WahnHuen was too shocked . .  “Anyi . .” “Anyi where are you . . where are you . . ” screamed WahnHuen desperately wretchedly to himself in the middle of nowhere . .   

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WahnHuen stood still where he was and looked beyond the bush where the chained people were forced to be loaded on the trucks, the trucks that were each written “investigational drug”. . WahnHuen tensely constantly looked and looked at the horrible scene in case he could spot Anyi. “Anyi where are you . .” Too astounded with the sudden scene and not knowing what to do WahnHuen stood there looked and looked ahead trying to find Anyi and at the same time figuring out what he has to do in this totally confused and horrendous situation. How much time has passed and passed . . WahnHuen could now see people were all loaded in the truck and saw the men with rifles getting in the trucks one by one. “Where are they taking the people . .” WahnHuen anxiously thought to himself as he stretched his legs and arms to prepare himself to follow the trucks on foot. “Where are you guys taking these people" cried WahnHuen to himself again and again . . "I will follow . .” said WahnHuen firmly to himself his eyes fixedly glued to the trucks. And suddenly, as he expected, WahnHuen heard the engine of the trucks start, and saw the trucks heading toward the village in a row. WahnHuen followed the truck as fast as his two feet can take using the tall bush as his guard to hide himself. WahnHuen constantly looked at the left side of the dark road beyond the bush to keep track of the trucks while hurriedly walking still limping his left leg with his backpack on his back now feeling as heavy as ever. How much time has now passed . . WahnHuen gradually became exhausted. Felt himself getting difficult to catch his breath. His body was sweating . . his leg was in pain . . his mind was in confusion . .  “Where . . in the world are . . they . . head to . .” WahnHuen shouted out to himself his body and mind feeling numb to the point where he cannot even realize whether he was walking or not  . . “where where . . ” And then . . there . . finally . . trucks stopped . . WahnHuen stopped instantly too holding on to a trunk of a tree that was in front of him breathing heavily trying to catch his breath as quiet as he can while he looked front where the trucks stopped. WahnHuen looked at the place where the trucks stopped. Looked at it carefully.  It looked very familiar. It did. And all of a sudden WahnHuen shouted to himself,  “ The prairie . ." The prairie where he stopped by with Anyi before, the prairie where Anyi stopped him from getting near where Anyi gazed with deep sadness in her eyes. And all of a sudden there he felt again the strong wind he felt the last time . . the wind that was enigmatically familiar . . the wind . . that felt unusually dreary . . "Anyi . . where in the world are you . .” desperately shouted out WahnHuen to himself . . with his deeply confused and saddened heart . . gazing at the prairie . . “Anyi . . ”


WahnHuen tried to pull himself together. And to get a good look at the prairie he slowly walked forward. Then he carefully and attentively looked at the prairie. To his huge astonishment, however, unlike the lifeless grand prairie he once saw with Anyi the time before . . there were a large number of visible huts aligned on the grand prairie one after another . . and another . . WahnHuen could not believe his eyes . . He panicked . . “no  no . . doesn’t make any sense . .” said WahnHuen to himself . . “too dark . . too dark . .” and rubbed his eyes to clear his eyesight . .  and then again carefully quietly stepped further forward his body bent to see whether it was the prairie he had once been . . “it is the prairie . . it is . . ” said WahnHuen to himself . . and the huts were . . still there . . still there . . WahnHuen was alarmed with dismay and in deep confusion and frustration. And all of a sudden there again did WahnHuen enigmatically felt the dreadful aura the prairie retained along with the restless wind . . And right then . . WahnHuen caught a glimpse of the men with rifles getting out of the trucks mechanically one by one . . WahnHuen astonished unconsciously hurriedly lowered himself to hide behind the tall bushes . . then WahnHuen . . began to hear weak scream of people forced to get out of the truck . . WahnHuen got tensed anxious . . “I gotta find Anyi . . I have to get closer to Anyi . .” said WahnHuen and slowly started to walk toward the side path of the prairie . . WahnHeun now found himself frowning constantly because of his painful left leg . . yet . . to WahnHuen . . there was no time to lose . . his leg could wait . . however . . not Anyi . . WahnHuen quietly as much as possible walked carefully through the narrow dark path . . his eyes constantly on the trucks . .  the men . . the rifles . . the people . . Yet within a minute . . WahnHuen began to hear the dreadful chill screams again from far away . . got louder . . and  louder . . WahnHuen abruptly painfully covered his ears and screamed inside  . . “no . . please . . stop . . stop . . ” yet . . all of a sudden . . at the same time . . WahnHuen began to hear clear agonized . . desperate echoed voices from far away . . or was it near . . “water . . water please . ."  WahnHuen hurriedly looked toward where the voices were heard. The voices were heard from the huts inside. However, the huts were all too dark. WahnHuen carefully looked at the hut beginning from the one that was closest to him and to the one that was at the very far end of the prairie. Every aligned hut was too dark to see what was happening inside, however to his amaze, WahnHuen saw one hut, at the very far end of the prairie, brightened. WahnHuen abruptly and quietly as much as possible started to walk toward the hut. The screams the shouts of the people rang throughout the village. WahnHuen sweating with frustration hastily kept on walking and walking toward the lit hut. The hut got closer and closer. WahnHuen got extremely tenser and tenser. And in time, WahnHuen, gradually slowed down and finally faced the hut. However, to his astonishment, the brightened property looked different from the rest of the huts. And the brightness that caught his attention was on the far end of the property. And it had windows, unlike the rest of the huts that only had wooden little doors that were half closed. Yet, because of the curtains that were covering the window, WahnHuen realized he cannot see the inside of the property. WahnHuen frustratingly anxiously walked quietly toward the property. And as he was walking toward the property nearer and nearer to his surprise he heard voices inside the property . . WahnHuen abruptly kept his ear to the ground and listened . . And . . within a few seconds . . WahnHuen . . was shocked . . of what he heard . .



“The side effects of the drug exist. The people tend to get thirsty. And once they get thirsty it gets unbearable for them to endure without water within several hours. Nearly half people out of 200 died of thirst this time. Certain people died within a couple of hours. However half of the people did not show those symptoms. That means we should try the experiment one last time. And if those side effects exist from the result from this experiment, then we will return the drug back to the lab” “how many people left in this village ” another person . . “about a hundred sir” “only a few left, after this experiment we need to change our location to the next village” “yes sir” “how many people did you say reside at the next location” “about a thousand sir” “is the name of the  village deleted in the map search” “yes sir we took care of that”   WahnHuen . . was shocked . . “experiment . .” “drug . .” “people dead . . “ “another experiment . .” “village name . .” “deleted in the map . .” “who are these people . . who are these unethical crooked murderous people . .” shouted out WahnHuen with deep frustration . . and instantly thought about the chained people the village people and . . Anyi . . who was chained too  . . “Anyi . . Where are you . .”  And then . . all of a sudden . . WahnHuen . . suddenly remembered . . that he couldn’t locate “Lihaln” village in his map a few hours ago . . “that is right I . . I . .  couldn’t locate . . the village . .” said WahnHuen to himself . . astonished . . “I could . . not . . and . . was this why . . I could not locate . . the . . Lihaln . .”  “Anyi . . was this why you . . you were . . Anyi . .”


WahnHuen then all of a sudden heard the chill scream of people near far away all over the village . . “water . . give me water . .” the chill screams of people cried . . “water . . water . .” WahnHuen too anguish to hear the agonized desperate voice covered his ears . . “no . . no . .” cried out Wahnhuen “stop . . stop . .” and suddenly . . WahnHuen felt a dim glow on the side . . WahnHuen quickly looked toward where he felt the dim glow . . It was the building . . and as soon as the glow got brighter and brighter WahnHuen heard a woman screaming in her language . . Then WahnHuen heard a voice who was interpreting the words of the women, “your experiment killed my family . .  killed and crippled half of my people . . stop this . . stop . .” and then . . WahnHuen heard a low voice of a man . . “lady you all agreed with this process . . signed our paper before we even began this experiment . .” The interpreter interpreted the words of the man in the native language of the woman . . and then the struggle cry of a women continued in her language . . “we did not know what it was . . a man said the paper was written that a group will provide abundant water and food for the rest of our lives and it was a very simple procedure . . however this is not a simple procedure . .  your experiment killed my family and my people . . stop  . . please stop . .” 

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WahnHuen was too shocked . . WahnHuen kept on hearing the woman scream and scream . . WahnHuen couldn’t stand it . . He covered his ears tight as ever  . . And suddenly WahnHuen heard the man say “nurse give her the tranquilizer shot”  WahnHuen then heard the woman cry woman resist “no . . no . . ”  WahnHuen frustrated held his fist grabbed his head walked back and forth restlessly looking at the building . . “no . . no . .” cried the woman on and on . . WahnHuen who could no longer stand it fiercely walked toward the building  near the window who was prepared to either knock down the door or break the window . . and then all of a sudden .  . the building got quiet . . Wahnhuen stopped instantly . . and then WahnHuen heard the man say “now bring the bottle” . . a minute passed . . “inject” . . “inject . . ” said WahnHuen to himself worriedly anxiously . . and another quietude passed . . and passed . . and suddenly WahnHuen heard the man say “nurse draw aside the curtain the smell is horrible” WahnHuen who was standing right in front of the window hurriedly lunged his body behind the wild bush near the wall . . and . . the curtain was drawn . . WahnHuen held his breath . . it was quiet . . too quiet . . and then . . WahnHuen smelled smoke . . then heard the man talking to another person . . WahnHuen began to breathe quietly catching his breath . . and quietly . . walked and walked toward the window . . and slowly . . carefully . . looked inside the window . . and there . .  WahnHuen saw a man standing with his cigar in his mouth . . and . . WahnHuen . . was . . terrified . . appalled . . the man in the building was . . his grandfather . .


WahnHuen . . too shocked . . WahnHuen could not believe his eyes . . the grandfather . . whom people thought was a generous man  considerate respectful . . the grandfather . . whom the media the world thought was a giving person who donated millions yearly to the people in need . . the grandfather who was a multi-millionare who could not harm another human . . the grandfather who to Wahnhuen was a dearly nice person who cared about the lives of the people . . yes . . lives of the people . . yet . . no . . that was not it . . it was not . . “grandpa . . was that all a disguise to hide your atrocity . . a one man show to make yourself look good . . and was that all to make people trust you to have it your way to profit . . because you have finance and authority . . because . . you can . .” WahnHuen was too shocked . . WahnHuen began to feel a huge ache on his forehead again . . WahnHuen began to feel weak frail again . . WahnHuen . . feebly looked at the person inside . . yet no doubt . . it was . . it was his grandfather . . the grandfather he respected trusted all his life . . WahnHuen sick to his stomach felt like throwing up . . Then suddenly . . WahnHuen petrified . . gasped . . nearly fell down . . “Anyi  . .” shouted Wahnhuen . . there was . . Anyi . . there she was again . . in the darkness again . . standing right next to her grandfather . . with her water jar tightly held on to her . . and then . . WahnHuen again heard the chillest scream . . the scream WahnHuen had dread to hear . . the chillest scream of Anyi toward his grandfather in the darkness . . again . . “Anyi . . stop stop . .” WahnHuen terrifiedly shouted out bent his body covering his ears with dread and pain  . . “Anyi . . “ shouted WhanHuen . . and then . . all of a sudden WahnHuen felt a ghastly gust of wind pass right through him . . WahnHuen astounded stood up . . and there . . WahnHuen . . fell down with horror . . group of chained people lined up  straightly looking at him . . began walking toward WahnHuen  . . closer and closer . . “no . . no . .” cried WahnHuen terrorized tried to back away . . yet he felt his body stiff . . felt his mind numbed . . WahnHuen . . felt dizzy . . he desperately wanted to regain control of himself . . yet instead . . WahnHuen felt himself slowly passing out . . and right before he passed out . . WahnHuen . .  again . . faintly saw a bruised ankle chained with a chain tag with a little red heart right in front of his eyes . . "Anyi . .”

“ 저 변하지 않아요 그대 변하지 않는다면 . . 
그대 마음 알아요 제가 보는것과 무관히 . .

그대 볼수 알수 없는 제 이마음이니까요 . . 
저 변하지 않아요 그대 변하지 않는다면 . .


Love Would Not Fade no matter how they wanna tear us apart . .
Because I Believe Your Heart Is Within Me . .

Because I Believe My Heart Is Within You . . 
Dream Would Not Pass no matter how they wanna tear us apart . ." 



WahnHuen . .  suddenly felt . . he was out of his breath . . WahnHuen abruptly woke up . . and panted heavily gasped for breath . . and while WahnHuen was struggling to breathe . . WahnHuen looked . . looked toward the prairie . . the night has fallen sun has risen yet . . It was foggy . . too foggy WahnHuen could not see . . WahnHuen abruptly stood up still trying to catch his breath . . and on alert slowly carefully begin to walk toward the prairie . . he walked and walked . . and . . all of a sudden . . WahnHuen felt warm quiet wind pass by him . . with that . . the fog  slowly began to clear . . WahnHuen instantly stopped . . and as the wind gradually pushed away the fog . . WahnHuen . . was appalled . . the building . . the huts . . the trucks . . the men . . the rifles . . the people . . were . . nowhere to be seen . . WahnHuen could not believe his eyes . . WahnHuen dumbstruck stood still . . stood still in the middle of the prairie . . the empty desolated unrealike quiet prairie . . 


WahnHuen . . seriously . . incomprehensibly . . stunned . . tried to take a step yet was too shocked to even . . “not even a dream . . I could feel myself . . I could . . or . . is it . . a dream . . is it . . ” WahnHuen frustrated and confused could not stop talking to himself as though he wanted to avoid this whole situation . . And suddenly . . he felt the sharpest and chillest wind pass by right through him . . and the chills got heavier and heavier . . colder and colder . . and suddenly . . WahnHuen . . as though he was pushed by the wind  . . began to take a step forward . . WahnHuen . . was appalled . . yet another step . . another step . . he took . . and another . . and another . . WahnHuen slowly felt himself begin to walk facing front . . And then . . WahnHuen . . all of a sudden . . from a little far away ground felt a little dim red light catch his eyes . . WahnHuen . . instantly stopped . . and . . on alert . . He looked carefully at the dim red light . . tried to see what it was . . and again slowly walked toward the red light on the ground . . one step forward and . . another . . and another . .  WahnHuen . . nearly close to the red light . . suddenly . . abruptly . . screamed his heart out . . “Anyi . .” and  WhanHuen there unconsciously collapsed to his knees . . in front of him . . was the little red heart chain Anyi had  . . WahnHuen . . felt his body tremble . . “No no . . Anyi . . Where in the world are you . . Why  is  it  your  chain here . .” WahnHuen desperately began to shout out . . and instantly WahnHuen noticed . . tiny letters written in the red heart chain . . WahnHuen  instantly  bent his head closer to the red heart chain . . looked  into  the  tag . . it was written  “No.44  Anyi 1991” . . “year 1991 . ."  WahnHuen  read . .  “no  how . .  how could . . it is year 2018 . .  2018 . . ” WahnHuen then . . all of a sudden . . to  his  full  dismay . . near . . the chain . . saw . . another chain . . another one . . and another . . and another . . And then . . to his horror . . next to the chains . . WahnHuen saw a piece of bone . . and then he saw another one . . another one . . and another . . and another . . the prairie . . the prairie . . was . . a one . . huge . . graveyard . . WahnHuen could not believe his eyes . . WahnHuen could not . . WahnHuen instantly shuttered . . horrified . . terrified . . too frustrated . . and . . his rage . . the rage of Anyi . . the pain . . the thirstiness . . began to deeply permeate into WahnHuen . . “grandpa . . what have you done . . what have you done . . to these . . innocent people . . grandpa . . what have you done . .  what have you done . . ” desperately screamed WahnHuen looking above the sky with endless flow of pain and exasperation felt in him his body . . WahnHuen then desperately looked down closely toward the little red heart chain lonely laid on the prairie . . his broken heart his eyes filled with tears of repent deep agony . .  “Anyi . . Anyi . . ” 


WahnHuen . . then . . all of a sudden . . felt . . warmhearted wind . . gently pass through him . . WahnHuen astounded looked at where the wind passed . . And there . . WahnHuen saw  . . Anyi . .  a little far away . . Anyi still holding her jar of water tightly . .“Anyi  Anyi . .” WahnHuen desperately shouted out unconsciously taking a step forward . . Yet . . then . . near Anyi . . there appeared . . people of the village . .  one by one . . chain after chain . .  buried on the prairie . . WahnHuen terrified stepped back . . then called out Anyi . . quietly . . "WahnHuen . ."

“these are my family my people . . WahnHuen . . my family my people . . were sacrifized as a tool of a drug experiment your grandfather and his business associates have executed . . After we were killed during the experiment . . your grandfather buried our bodies in this prairie . . burned our village and . . erased . . our village . . eternally . . in the world map . . ” said Anyi . . as her heart bursted with painful memories . . “there are numerous anonymous people like us your grandfather is on experiment . . I could not part . . until I reveal the truth of this tragedy of the continuous misdeed your grandfather has been committing . . I could not part . . until I stop the horrendous act of hidden violence . . where too many anonymous people are in grave pain at this very time . . unknown  hidden  from  the  rest of the world . . ” said Anyi . . as painful heart agonized tears filled her eyes . . WahnHuen . . shocked to hear of what has been done by his grandfather and too hurt to see Anyi in dire pain . . helplessly . . weakly . . fell on his knees . . and cried out to Anyi with endless tears  . . “Anyi . . Anyi . . ” 


 “Anyi Anyi . . I . . ” cried WahnHuen . . “I will . .” “WahnHuen . .” said Anyi . . “Thank You . . You need not say a word . . I read your mind . . I could finally now Rest in Peace with my family my people . .” said Anyi her eyes filled with true heartfelt and peaceful tears . . “WahnHuen Again . . I Deeply Thank You . .” said Anyi wholeheartedly looking at WahnHuen . . “I Will Always  . . Always Remember You WahnHuen . . ”  and with those words . . with two drops of her heartfelt tear to her red heart chain laid on the ground . . Anyi . . for the last time looked at WahnHuen wholeheartedly . . then . . with her family her people slowly faded away as the warm peaceful wind gently quietly passed through WahnHuen . . “Anyi . . Anyi . .” shouted WahnHuen with his heart filled with incessant sadness . . and pain . .

WahnHuen was now  sitting on his desk at the company office looking at a  headline  of  an article  where  his  grandfather  and  his business associates got arrested and will be on  trial  for illegal human experiment  without  well-informed  consent  and other human rights violation . . WahnHuen  then . .  looked at . . the little red heart chain on his desk  . .  "please Rest in Peace Anonymous Angel . . Your Heart Your Tear is now Within Me . . Anyi . . Anyi . . "

The  scene  changes to  a far remote  anonymous  village in  the other side of  the world . . then to a deserted lab filled with abandoned  drugs and  debris . . then to a piece of  debris . . then  to a number of  fleas  that  are  attached  to  the  debris . . then  a  creature  with wings  consume the fleas . . and . . from  the anonymous village . . it flies toward  another  village  miles  miles away  where there  are  a  number  of lively  humans . . There  are  a  number  of  uncertain  theories  of  how  fatal  pandemic  begins . . however . . what I believe to be certain is . . less illegality  and less  greed  will  definitely lower  the  rate  of  the  fatal  beginning  of  a  disastrous  and  irrecoverable . . pandemic . . and lastly . . Human Rights  is  the very Basic Rights that each and every Person in this world Deserve . . regardless of . . where you are from . . which belief you have . . what your race is . . how your life is . . and those who try to take away those rights  will sooner or later will be judged whether they like it or not . . no matter how they try to conceal it . . Because . . Truth & Fairness . . Always Win . .  Always  . . 

I Appreciate to those who have read my short fiction Until Now . .

I deeply hope in the Future my short fiction could Greet You . . 

in a Little Theatre place near you as an Independent Film . . 

again Thank You and deeply hope you continue to have a Pleasant and a Peaceful day . .


thank you _edited.jpg
thank you _edited.jpg


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